Why I’m a Liberal Democrat

Fundamentally my political opinions are a mixture of economic and social liberalism which leaves me with one party that represents my views, but for me there are more reasons to support the Liberal Democrats.

Economically I believe the Liberal Democrats have the right balance between letting markets function, and intervening in order to correct for market failure. This is important because markets have the power to allocate resources in a reasonably efficient manor, however there is no market that isn’t subject to a few market failures. The Liberal Democrats can deal with the market failure in a manor which is more apporpriate than the Conservatives, who have the tendency to under-intervene or intervene in the wrong places, or the Labour party, or have a tendency to over-intervene, or intervene in the wrong places. The Liberal Democrats are also good on public services, recognising the need to increase spending on public services in order to maintain and increase quality, whilst also reconginising the dangers of excessive taxation.

Domestically the Liberal Democrats are the most radical party of the major parties. The propose ending the war on Drugs, which has been a colossal failure. The Liberal Democrats propose electoral reform which would make our politicians more accountable, particularly if the implement STV rather than PR. The Liberal Democrats are the only party to consistently oppose the encroachment of our civil liberties by mass surveillance and where the only national party to vote against the Snooper’s Charter.

I hope that’s a few ideas to consider when choosing who to vote on Thursday


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